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Indicate lab supplies that we will need to order.

Include your name and the date of your request.

If the order is urgent, please contact Scott.

Newest requests go to the top of the list.

Needs to be picked up from

Fisher/Chemistry Storeroom (WEL 1.202)

Biosci Storeroom (ESB 7)

Invitrogen Stockroom (ENS 309)

Needs to be ordered

On Order

Recently delivered orders

  1. rhPDGFBB, purchased 11/06/05
  2. ITS(5), purchased 11/06/05
  3. Linoleic Acid-Albumin (6), purchased 11/06/05
  4. EGF, purchased 11/06/05
  5. Pipet tips, purchased 11/03/05
  6. 10mL pipets (X2), purchased 11/03/05
  7. SMB-PEG, purchased 10/27/05
  8. TGF-B immunoassay, purchased 10/24/05