Stanford Biochemistry/Suggestions for Department Website

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  • Our own video page
  • Webcams
  • Photos/department flickr
  • Post all the department-wide photos
  • Include black-and-white photo of founders as one of the photos rotated on the front page
  • Descriptions of what each faculty member is currently working on in one easy to find place instead of having to look at each faculty member's personal page
  • More accessible/visible department calendar
  • Department history and lineage
  • File:HHKornbergBio1530408.pdf
  • List of Faculty and Student Awards
  • Highlights of alumni
  • Full list of alumni, students, and postdocs- their thesis titles, where they are now (incl. global map of distribution), and/or sortable by career (faculty, biotech, communications, etc.)
  • A "forceful statement about our our unique attributes"
  • Press Coverage
  • Twitter feed(s)
  • Running banner of departmental publications that cycles thought the most recent 10-20 so that people can see what is coming out.
  • Simple front page with good pics and not too much text
  • Remove search bar
  • Compact, up-to-date link to lab and faculty web pages
  • Interesting and creative design, see:
  • Make sure a character set is used that won't be weird with international characters
  • Centralized system for reserving common equipment and rooms (possibly with LCD panels reflecting these reservations next to each resource)
  • Power draw updates for equipment (mostly centrifuges)
  • "Purely fantastical, but power draw vs. time graphs for the whole floor"