Stanford/BIOE44(S11): Assignments & Grading

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Grades will be based on your performance on the following work:

50% total grade (10% per)
Lab Procedure Certifications ("BIOE.44 Certs"):
1. Preparing a -80 glycerol master stock of a clonal culture.
2. Getting useful DNA out from cells and purified.
3. Getting useful DNA into and operating inside living cells.
4. Designing and carrying out a successful PCR reaction.
5. Designing and detailing a new standard biological part.
You must complete each certification in carrying out your BIOE.44 design project. To receive credit you must submit a "cert. report" for grading. Templates will be made available.

50% total grade
BIOE.44 Design Project
Working in pairs, select a genetically encoded sensor or actuator of your own choosing, or select a short sequence of the E. coli chromosome to "refactor."
1. Describe and justify your choice in a final project report (20%)
2. Design and document and share your new standard biological parts in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts (10%)
3. Order for synthesis, receive, and test your new designer DNA (10%)
4. Organize all of your projects work into a written report, including a description of your results (10%)

5% bonus credit
Complete and submit short exercises due before morning class throughout the term.

No late credit will be given for homeworks. Certifications can be completed throughout the term. Your final design project is due as announced, and will receive one lower letter grade for each day late.