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CASE Complex Systems Biology Center

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Welcome to the Summer Seminar Wiki!

The purpose of this seminar is to understand concepts and mechanisms in the biology of cancer, and interpret them in a systems context. Presentations will be given once weekly, according to the schedule below. Major topics of discussion are derived from the chapters of Weinberg's new text The Biology of Cancer. More details can be found in the Syllabus.

Available presentation slides can be accessed by clicking the title of the presentation topic for that day.

Presentation Schedule

Date Chapter Presenter Scribe Summary
5/21 2: The Nature of Cancer and 3: Tumor Viruses Radina Soebiyanto Jayant Avva Ch2 & Ch3
5/28 4: Cellular Oncogenes Jayant Avva Radina Soebiyanto Ch4
6/04 5: Growth Factors and Their Receptors and 6: Cytoplasmic Signaling Circuitry Programs Many of the Traits of Cancer Radina Soebiyanto Mike Weis
6/11 7: Tumor Suppressor Genes Mike Weis Evren Gurkan
6/18 8: pRb and Control of the Cell Cycle Clock Evren Gurkan Ari Kanters
6/25 9: p53 and Apoptosis: Master Guardian and Executioner Ari Kanters Akshai Singh
7/09 10: Eternal Life: Cell Immortalization and Tumorigenesis Akshai Singh Akshai Sridhar
7/16 11: Multistep Tumorigenesis Akshay Sridhar Xin Li
7/23 12: Maintenance of Genomic Integrity and the Development of Cancer Xin Li Yixuan Chen
7/30 13: Dialogue Replaces Monologue: Heretotypic Interactions and the Biology of Angiogenesis Yixuan Chen TBD
8/06 AML and its clinical characteristics Guest Speaker: Dr. William Tse Yehong Huong
8/13 15: Crowd Control: Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Yehong Huong Radina Soebiyanto

Other Articles/Materials

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How Do I Post My Presentation?

Those with owner priviledges on the newly created CaseCSB filer account (Dr. Sreenath, Radina, Jayant, Mike), have full permission to access/download as well as upload/change documents. Contact Mike Weis if you have trouble logging in.

Other participants in this seminar have only been granted read/download access to the course materials (presentations etc). To have a presentation (or other materials) posted to this site, please email it to and he will add it to the filing system, and create an appropriate link to it on this page.

How Do I Post My Presentation/Discussion Notes

If you served as the scribe, please type up a short set of notes on the presentation and discussion (per the syllabus). Email these notes to and he will upload them to the wiki.