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CASE Complex Systems Biology Center

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This page contains a quick introduction to uploading/accessing confidential files and some quick tips for page edits.

file sharing

An account for this project has been created at for storing/sharing confidential files (manuscript drafts, simulation code, etc).

--Mweis 17:45, 15 May 2007 (EDT) an account was requested on 5/14, but has not been created yet. It hopefully will be available within the next week.

Those with owner privileges (Drs. Jacobberger, Sramkoski, and Sreenath, as well as Yehong, Radina, Jayant, and Mike) have been granted full permission to read/download as well as upload/change files.

To access this account:
1. go to
2. on the left side, under "Login," click " a shared account"
3. select "other account:"
4. enter the account name "org/amlsysbio"
5. enter your usual case ID and password

Those without owner privileges can still be granted permission to read/download files, but cannot make changes or upload new material. Contact Mike Weis if you would like to grant someone access. Access is usually permitted based on the user's Case ID (if they have one), but a new Case ID-independent username and password can be created if they do not.

wiki suggestions provides a good series of introductory materials on editing this wiki here and here although it is rather intuitive and easy to learn. The easieset way I've found is just to click the "edit" tab on different pages and look at how other people formatted different page features.

Some quick tips for common problems:
1. To register for an account, go here.

2. If you would like to reference a specific file, you can create direct page links of the form [file_location name_to_display] where, for example, file_location could be of the form
Still a bit confused? Click edit at the top of this page and look at this example: test link
Because these files are securely hosted on, clicking a link will bring up a dialog box to enter your Case ID and password before you can view the file.

3. If you would like to comment on something, click the "edit" tab at the top of the page. Then, move the cursor to the appropriate place and click the second button to the right (on the top of the page edit window). It looks like part of a signature.
Or you can manually type four "~"s before you begin typing your comment. This automatically prefaces your comment with your username and the time/date of your comment.