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IDs, keys, and accounts

1. Talk to Leah VanVaerenewycks in HR to make sure you have an appointment in the Systems Biology Department.

2. Talk to Mason Miranda to get an eCommmons account and access to the departmental and lab computers. Please carbon-copy Per on emails that you send to Mason regarding access to shared resources.

3. Keys come from Amanda Nichols or Barbara Grant.

Working in the lab

You must get safety training before working in the lab!!! You must renew your training yearly by taking an online refresher course (see the Safety page of the Wiki). Training sessions are held the third Thursday of every month. The training session will not be the most exciting three hours of your life, but you will not suffer terribly either. They make no real effort to train you in the specific skills you need to work safely in your lab (there are far too many possible scenarios), but do give you a good overview of the general requirements and resources at Harvard.

Systems Biology Intranet

find it here
A sampling of the useful things that can be found on the SysBio Intranet:
1. Contact sheet, with names phone numbers, email addresses, and pictures
2. Advice regarding IDs, transportation, taxes, etc... in <Human Resources>
3. Room and equipment reservations
4. List of departmental lab equipment
5. Departmental media recipes, and forms for special requests

Connecting to Systems Biology shared folders

  • Mac

1. In the "Go" pulldown menu, select "Connect to server..."
2. Type in server address, "afp://fs-mac"
3. Login using your eCommons username and password.
4. Select the volume you would like to connect to. "Commons" has lab folders, "Home" has user folders.
5. To get to the Springer Lab shared folder, navigate to Commons/Systems Bio/Springer Lab (and create a shortcut on your desktop for next time)

  • Windows (INCOMPLETE!!!)

1. Open Navigator window
2. In "Tools" pulldown, select "Map Network Drive"
3. Select a letter designation
4. Enter the address ("\\Med\Fs-Systembio"), or browse
5. Select check-box "Reconnect at logon" 6. eCommons login required at some point?

Suggested drive mapping:

Drive Letter Path Description
M: \\FS-Home\Home Personal folders
N: \\FS-SYSTEMBIO\SYSTEMBIO$ All shared departmental folders
O: \\FS-Commons\Commons$ Collaboration folders