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Bioinformatics: Getting Up and Running

A simple install guide to biopython for Mac OS X 10.7 (LION) (GRrrar)

Analytical Protocols

Henry's Constant Calculation Examples (Vinyl Chloride (20C, 80C) 1,2-Dichloroethane (20C, 80C)

GC Calibration Curves with low-water-soluble gases (Methane, Ethene, Hydrogen)

SRI 8610C Red GC Introduction

GC Calibration Curves with Volatile Organic Compounds

Protein Assays (Bradford)

Protein Assay (micro BCA)

DNA Quantification (Qubit)

DNA Quantification (NanoDrop)

DNA Size Distribution (Bioanlyzer)

DNA Size Distribution (Agarose Gel)

Molecular Protocols

In gel Ligation

DNA Extraction for Hard to Lyse Bacteria and Archea

Quick Clone Library


Sanger Sequencing with Elim

Medium Prep

Reactor Medium

Carbonate Buffered Medium

MOPS Buffered Medium