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Rules and Guidelines


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users

Operation Instructions:

1. Check to these two items before you begin.

a. Check if trap refrigeration unit is on and cold.

b. Check if trap is full.

2. Fill out the log sheet before starting. In the event of equipment failure or tubes which seem to be forgotten, we will be able to find you instead of throwing out your samples.

3. Place samples in speed vac rotor (balance as with centrifuges), close cover.

4. Turn rotor on (the heater is optional).

5. Turn the vacuum on (speed vac switch). Make sure the vacuum has sealed. You should not be able to lift the lid. If the lid can be lifted, push down firmly on the lid to make it seal.

6. When the samples have been reduced to the desired volume, turn the vacuum off.

7. Turn the rotor off once the vacuum has been completely released (and you hear no more noise).

8. Remove samples and proceed with experiments.

9. If samples were radioactive, check for contamination.

10. Complete Log Sheet.

Additional information and troubleshooting:

Maintenance: Defrosting the trap

1) If trap is full, turn off refrigeration unit

2) Put a note on the speed vac warning other users not to use the speed vac and estimating when it will be ready for use again.

If trap is not cold, evaporated material will be pulled into the pump. This is bad.

3) As soon as trap has defrosted, empty the trap.

4) Turn refrigeration unit back on. Add more isopropanol (between glass trap and refrigeration unit) if necessary. The trap needs at least one hour to cool

5) Leave a note indicating when the speed vac will be ready for use


If no vacuum seal

1) Use finger to make a seal on the hole in the speed vac itself – if vacuum works here, the O ring or the lid could be faulty.

2) If no vacuum at speed vac, check at pump head – if vacuum at pump head, then there is a leak somewhere between the pump and the speed vac. Check the tubing.

3) If no vacuum at pump head, send pump out for repair, If problems with speed vac itself (rotor, heater), send for repair

Reporting problems:

Please report problems to Jessica Metzger (B481) and/or Tara Benz-Moy (B471).

Parts list:

Thermo (1-888-213-1790)

Replacing the O-ring chamber seal:

Thermo: 1-800-843-1113x3

Chamber seal #095-6004-00 - $60.06

Replacing the glass trap

Savant: 99-9-152 Glass trap with valve

Refrigerated Glass insert trap GIT 100BV

Can’t find on Thermo website

GIT 100 (without valve, should be fine) available from CEL for $125. GMI looks like another option

GIT-100 was a real problem to find – 1L refrigeration units are being discontinued at Savant. in place of 4L (GIT-400). Eventually GIT-100 will not be available. If problems, contact Thermo Rep for info:

Charles Mutscheller



FULL MANUAL: File:Savant SVC100H Manual.pdf

COPY OF USER LOG: File:Speed vac log sheet.doc