Spectrophotometer, Dual Beam PE

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Rules and Guidelines


1. New user MUST be trained by the captain or present users

How to operate:

• Turn on water bath, let machine adjust to desired temperature.

• Turn on machine (green on/off button).

• Sign in in the log book.

• When the lamp in the machine turns on again (after being off for a short while (takes around 5 min)), you can turn on the computer.

• Dubbel-click on the spec. icon. Wait.

• You can run either absorbance change over time or a absorbance spectra over different wavelengths.

• Measurements and data saved will be found in shortcut to datafiles folder on desktop.

• When done, turn off spec, and don’t forget to log out! Turn off computer and waterbath.


Perkin-Elmer 1-800-762-4000


Hi-Tech Lamps, contact Wes 1-800-229-6509

Vis lamp $65.00