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Shimadzu Dual Beam Spectrophotometer


1. New user MUST be trained by lab RA or present users


The Shimadzu spectophotometer is a dual beam instrument capable of doing thermal melts

and is particularly useful for kinetic experiments since it is dual beam. However, there is no thermal control for regular cells.

For thermal melt analysis it utilizes a special 8 channel cell that is on microtitre plate spacing.

The spec can be used without the computer as a stand alone instrument and data taken off via USB drive. The computer is better for more complicated experiments and is required for thermal melts. The computer is

not networked and does not have a printer, transfer data with USB drive. I'll train one person per lab, some reading may be required.

PDF files with instructions and paper manuals are on/near the machine.

Micro and submicro cells require a Z height of 15mm

Suitable cells for micro volume work are:

Starna brand:

16.50-Q-10/Z15, 50ul volume self masking with 10mm path length

16.100-Q-10/Z15, 100ul volume self masking with 10mm path length

The cell for thermal melts is:

Hellma brand

Cat # 660-236-40, Type 660.236-QS


See Document: File:UV-1800 Operation Manuyal.pdf

See Document: File:UV-1800 System Manual.pdf

See Document: File:Shimadzu spec notes.pdf

Shimadzu1 image.JPG

--Jessica Metzger 17:52, 17 December 2012 (EST)