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<b><font size="2" color=#ffffff>The Wilke lab carries out research in computational evolutionary biology, bioinformatics, and biostatistics. All our research is theoretical or computational, but we frequently collaborate with experimental groups. Much of our research focuses on molecular evolution, in particular on (i) the evolution of viruses and (ii) biophysical mechanisms of protein evolution. Other areas of interest are systems biology, bacterial physiology, and metabolic modeling.
To see what we are currently working on, check out our recent [[Wilke:Publications|publications.]]. Interested in joining? [[Wilke:Positions|Click here.]]</font></b>
<font size="5"><b> Recent News </b> </font>
<font size="4">Postdoctoral Position in Bacterial Systems Biology</font>
<font size="2"> Posted on 02/20/2014 </font>
The Wilke Lab at UT Austin has an open position for a postdoc in computational systems biology. This position is part of an ARO-funded project to investigate how bacterial growth conditions shape bacterial physiology. A successful candidate will use statistical approaches and/or mechanistic models of gene-regulation and metabolism to link bacterial growth conditions with measures of cellular physiology such as RNA and protein abundances. The overarching project goals are to develop new approaches for predicting bacterial growth conditions from the observed phenotype. For more information, [[Wilke:Positions|click here.]]

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