Sortostat/Setting up a new chip

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this is a work in progress

<need a diagram of the setup here>


  • Filter-sterilzed (200nm) ddH20
  • media with 2mg/ml BSA

Moving tubing from an old chip to a fresh one

  1. Check alignment of new chip and look for collapsed valves
    • If valves are collapsed open by applying air pressure with a syringe in the fluid line (can you do this before you have control lines operational?)
    • Do this before hooking the tubes to the chip!
  2. Remove pins 1-8 from the old chip
    • Note: by using another chip with a rectangular hole cut out of where the control inlets would be one can make an epoxy "collar" that will hold the majority of the pins and their repective tubes in place relative to each other. To do this insert the desired pins into a new chip and place the chip with the rectangular hole on top of the new chip so that the pins stick through this hole. Fill the hole with the epoxy so that all the pins will be frozen into place once the epoxy hardens. When this happens, remove the template chip and then the pins which should come out as one block. Now all the lines in this block can be removed or inserted at the same time.
  3. Detach tubes 1-8 from the tubes connected to the manifold (do not remove the tubes from the manifold itself).
    • The advatage of this is that you can now remove the tubing from the incubator and it is much easier to work with.
  4. Insert a syringe with a luer adapter into the end of tube#1 and fill the tube with water. Use the dripping water to identify the pin #1 and insert it into the appropriate position on the chip.
    • Repeat this for tubes 2-8.
  5. When 1-8 have been filled and attached move onto the next block of 8 and repeat for all 32 control tubes.

Contact:Jason Kelly