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Chips received 12/12/06

  • The valves did not seal completely in this batch at 20psi.
example of incomplete sealing

Chips received 4/3/07

  • A - collapsed valves on both reactors (~6 each)
  • B - 1 reactor with collapsed valves (~2) and one without (that seems to be working great so far).
  • C - both reactors didn't have collapsed valves, however 2 of the port holes weren't drilled, so reactors were unusable. (must have gotten missed)

Chips received 5/24/07

  • A1 - push up layer alignment is somewhat off-center, may still be usable
  • A2 - push up layer alignment is somewhat off-center, may still be usable
  • B1 - push up layer alignment is very off-center, UNUSABLE.
  • B2 - looks OK; this is surprising considering the status of B1 (these are on the same chip so shouldn't be very independent if there isn't warping of the layer...)
  • C1 - push up layer alignment somewhat off center (worse than C2), may still be usable (though the sorting chamber doesn't look great so probably not worth using).
  • C2 - push up layer alignment is somewhat off-center, sorting chamber looks OK, likely usable.
  • D1 - looks fine, thought there is a 'dimple' in the feed line on the right hand side of the reactor.
  • D2 - looks very good - used this for 5/29/07 run

Chips received 7/9/07

  • A1 - pushUP is slightly off-cener (not as bad as D1), but there are some troubling looking connections between valves in the valves directly to the right of the pump valves. Also, many of the valves appear to be collapsed. Suspect this reactor is unusable.
  • A2 - same prognosis as A1.
  • B1 - looks great; usable - used for 9/9/07 run
  • B2 - looks great alignment wise, there may be a problem in the fluid line in the upper left area, it could be collapsed or it might be nothing; would need to test.
  • C1 - looks perfect used for 7/11/07 run
  • C2 - push up layer is shifted to the right heavily; unusable
    • This is indicative of warping of the layer or something, since it shouldn't be OK for one reactor and totally off for the other on the same chip.
  • D1 - unusable, push up layer is off center
  • D2 - looks good, not as good as C1 but almost certainly usable
  • E1 - looks great; usable - used 12/2 - 12/18 runs
  • E2 - 2 possible collapsed valves, alignment of pushUP is pretty off or a couple valves. possible usable, but not guaranteed.
  • ordering of usable chips: B2
  • used:C1 > B1 > D2

Chips received 10/11/07

(chips are marked with date 12/11/07 since that is when I tested them)

  • A1 - very well aligned, some collapsed valves (4 or 5). Also, some strangeness in the push up layer where the valve at the media entrance is elongated. (usuable if vavles can be forced open w air)
  • A2- very well aligned, many collapsed valves (>15), plus the 'T' junctions in the reactor are collapsed. probably unusable
  • B1 - very well aligned; 2 collapsed valves - Probably usable
  • B2 - very well aligned; 1 collapsed valves - Probably usable
  • C1 - push UP is shifted right significantly (overlaps with pump valves and the sorting chamber isn't centerd at all), had a dimple in the right feed line, probably unusable
  • C2 - push down valves are shifted left a bit. in the right side of he reactor they overlap about 1/2 way with the reactor channel. They may cause it to be thinned and create weirdness. For the most part though this reactor looks just fine. If the ones on the right don't seal the reactor channel too much it would be usable. (maybe usable)
  • D1 - relatively well aligned, many collapsed valves (almost all of them). ususable
  • D2 - relatively well aligned, many collapsed valves (almost all of them) also, there is a collapsed channel where this is no valve, so that might be an actual defect. ususable
  • E1 - worse alignment than D1/2, worse valve collapsing than D1/2 unusable
  • E2 - alignment better than E1, valves are all collapsed unusable
  • F1 - good alignment, all valves collapsed
  • F2 - push up layer is shifted up, might not totally seal the left inlet media channel, also the right feed channel is collapsed in a large area, and all valves are collapsed unusable
  • G1 - extremely well aligned, all valves collapsed unusable
  • G2 - well aligned, possibley some crud in one of the reactor channels, all valves collapsed unusable
  • usable
  • B2>B1>A1
  • unusable:
  • C2>C1>A2

Chips Recieved 12/17/07

Note in a quick test case with C2, I was able to force a couple valves open, so I think I suspect I can fix B1.

  • A1 - 12 collapsed valves, push up layer is shifted to the right, so the sorting chamber isn't perfect. It's probably usable (assuming the valves can be foced open)
  • A2 - 11 collapsed valves, push up layer shifted right, slghtly worse alignment than A1. might be usable if valves can be forced open.
  • B1 - looks great. collapsed channel under the pump, but other than that no collapsed valves. the alignment is perfect. there is a small dimple in the right feed line, but i don't think it will be a problem - usable
  • B2 - perfect. no collapsed anything, perfect alignment. there is a weird feature in the top right valve in the reactor ring, but i think it's nothing. However, it is missing 2 inlet pin holes, so useless. not usable
  • C1 - perfect alignment, and 2 colapsed valves, but 2 of the inlet holes weren't drilled so unusable.
  • C2- pretty good alignment (push down is shifted up a little bit), and 4 colapsed valves, but 2 of the inlet holes weren't drilled so unusable.
  • usable: B1
  • unusable: A1>A2>C1>C2>B2

Chips recieved 12/26/08

  • A1 - alignment is great, no collapsed valves looks 100% usable
  • A2 - alignment is even better than A1, one collapsed valve by the upper left exit, I'm guess it could be forced open. (unusable, can't uncollapse valve w/ air pressure).
  • B1 - alignment of push up is a lttle shifted to the left, no collapsed valves - usable
  • B2 - push down is shifted down a little bit, no collapsed valves - usable
  • C1 - push down is a shifted up a little bit, no collapsed valves - usable
  • C2 - push up is shifted prett significantly to the right, it's about half way into the sorting chamber. maybe usable, but not great.
  • D1 - push down shifted up, push up shifted left pretty seriously (halfway into some of the junctions); 2 or 3 collapsed valves; dimple in the right feed line - unusable
  • D2 - looks pretty good; no collapsed valves, a little bit of shift of he push up layer in the top half of the ring, but not serious. also, there is soem weirdness in the fluid line in upper left, but its probably nothing, and there is some crud in the lower 4th of the reactor but also probably nothing. - usable
  • E1 - push down layer and valves look very similar to how the push up normally looks. (e.g. the valves have sharp corners, rather than rounded, and hey "look" similar in their shadowing...) lots of collapsed valves - unusable
  • E2 - same as E1 - unusable.
  • Usable: A1>B2>B1>C1>D2
  • Unusable: D1>C2>E1>E2>A2(check valve opens)