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School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

Principle Investigator: Prof. Hao SONG(宋浩)

Contact Address: Prof. SONG Hao

Division of Bioengineering

School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Nanyang Technological University

70 Nanyang Drive

Singapore 637457  

Office: N1.3-B2-12; Lab: N1.3-B4-03

Tel: +65-6513-8079; Fax: +65-6514-1084



Start-up Grant (SUG) (2010-) [by College of Engineering, NTU], S$100,000, PI

Academic Research Fund Tier 1 (2011-) [by Ministry of Education (MOE)], “Using synthetic biology methodologies to engineer microbe and microbial ecosystems for maximum bioelectricity generation in microbial fuel cells”, S$100,000, PI

National Medical Research Council (2011-) [by National Medical Research Council (NMRC)], “The role of non-adsorbing macromolecules in the increased adhesion of erthrocytes to the endothelial cells in diabetes mellitus and beta thalassemia”, S$195,000, PI

Nanyang Institute of Technology in Health & Medicine (NITHM) (2011-) [by NTU], “Determinants of Blood Flow Destabilization in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease”, S$70,000, PI

The Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (2012-) [by NTU & NUS], “Engineering bacterial bio-electroactive biofilms via synthetic biology”, PI (School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, NTU)

The Environment and Water Industry Programme Office (EWI) (2013-) [by National Research Foundation (NRF)], “A novel extractive membrane bioreactor for recalcitrant organics removal: integration of extractive thin film composite and bioaugmentation”, S$1,917,200, Co-PI

Academic Research Fund Tier 2 (2012-) [by MOE], “A novel energy-efficient sewage treatment train for high-quality energy recovery”, S$852,498, Co-PI

Academic Research Fund Tier 1 (2011-) [by MOE], “Multi-Module On-chip Droplet Cytometry for High-throughput Analysis of Intercellular Dynamics”, S$198,256, Co-PI