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Module Four Research Proposal

TOPIC: Durable Biosensors

Biosensors have three main components- a biological detection system, a transducer, and an output system. They are used as receptors for specific molecules in detection of drugs and viruses.

OVERVIEW OF IDEA: Applications of biosensors are limitless. One possibility we are interested in exploring is a biosensor that detects a genetic mutation in a cell that can lead to the development of a tumor. If a tumor begins to develop, the biosensor releases an output signal alerting the patient of the location of the tumor. More research needs to be done about how far this area of research has advanced. One important issue will be specificity of the detection.


1)Biosensors: recent advance A F Colling and Frank Caruso. An overview of biosensor structure, classification, and transduction. URL:

2)Biospecific interaction analysis using biosensor technology Magnus Malmqvist. Discuss topics that will be important in order to understand specificity of our biosensor. URL:

3) A morphological biosensor for mammalian cells var Giaever & Charles R. Keese. An example of a biosensor that tracks morphological of adherent cells from cultures and detects motion. URL: