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Xenopus laevis
Xenopus laevis

Principle Investigator

Alex Sobeck, PI

Current Funding:

2016 - 2018 NIH R21

2013 - 2016 American Cancer Society

2011 - 2015 National Science Foundation

2011 - 2013 Masonic Cancer Center, Leukemia Research Fund

2012 - 2014 University of Minnesota Grant in Aid

2013 - 2014 Brainstorm Award, University of Minnesota

Lab Members

Indrajit Chaudhury, Postdoctoral Fellow; Indrajit is studying the functional connection between FA core complex, FANCD2/FANCI and the BLM helicase pathway during normal and perturbed replication. IC is currently funded by the American Heart Association with a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship.

Archana Sareen, Postdoctoral Fellow; Archana focuses on deciphering the molecular functions of two core FA proteins, FANCD2 and FANCI, during the DNA damage response.

Maya Raghunandan, Graduate Student; Maya is interested in deciphering how direct protein-protein interactions between FA pathway members and other DNA repair proteins regulate the DNA damage response.

Nicki Adams, Junior Scientist; Nicky is generating and testing FA protein mutants for functional defects in our Xenopus egg extract system.

Rose Kantor, Junior Scientist; Rose is fishing for Xenopus homologs of human FA and FA-related genes. She uses regular PCR and RACE-PCR to clone new Xenopus genes
Charlene Fares, Directed Research Student; Charlene is investigating interactions between the FA pathway and the non-homologous recombination repair (NHEJ) machinery.

Brittany Feia, Work Study Student; Britt takes care of organizational issues on the lab and helps us with cloning and antibody characterizations.