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How to organize the Happy Hour


behind the Molecular Biology Building next to the dumpster  :( - feel free to try to get the Cafeteria again.

to do:

  • order the beer keg 1 week in advance from the LaJolla BevMo (858)729.0775 (either one or one and a half kegs depending on the weather) - DosEquis Lager is a popular choice - Fat Tire works well for half-kegs
  • (preferably get another person to) buy Chips & Dips and Wines from Costco or the like (include paper plates & cups if we are out)
  • hassle the president to send out an institute wide email to remind everyone of the happy hour

on the day:

  • pick up keg and store it in a Cold room (Geza/Michael can be very helpful)
  • make sure you know the lock combination and location of the SoF locker with unfinished stuff
  • get it all on location at 10 to 5 (don't forget the ice)
  • enjoy the beer