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Halloween Yacht Party

To do:

  • reserve the boat from Scot Rockman (see below) - we had the "Point Loma" for $5k in 2007 which is registered for 400 passengers, but 300 are recommened.
  • organize DJ and Soundsystem (we used DJ TrippleD in 2007)
  • setup the budget and get it approved
  • organize prizes for the best 3 costumes ($100 for #1, $75 for 2nd place, $50 for third in Amazon vouchers)
  • make a flyer about 1 month in advance
  • set up text for website (modify last years if lazy)
  • send out email to Scripps list (through SoF president) announcing the party in which you ask for people to send you the number of tickets they want, their names, their email (for confirmation) and a check by internal mail (or have them come by if you can be bothered)
  • compile list of participants who have paid (use Google Spreadsheet if you have help)
  • decorate the boat on the day of event

background info:

  • "Point Loma" will leave from 1050 North Harbor Drive in Downtown San Diego
  • recommend to people to get there on time as boat cannot wait
  • capacity of boat: 400 pple (coast guard); recommended: 300 possibly 350
  • security was provided
  • you can get on boat 2h before event to decorate – but the boat might be at another location (behind Convention center)
  • deco: mainly cobwebs & Halloween candy - consider dry ice effects and make sure there will be a fog machine
  • drinks were sold on the boat by the boat company - prices for drinks: domestic beer $4, prem beer $5, wine $6-7, liquor & cocktails $6-8
  • in 2007 we charged $ 10 per ticket for 2 Scripps employees – 3rd ticket or non-Scripps was $15
  • last years event:

contact info:

Scot R. Rockman, Corporate Sales Manager
San Diego Harbor Excursion
1311 First Street
Coronado, CA 92118
Direct Line: 619.522.6191, Toll Free 877.250.4555 Fax: 619.522.6150