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Subject: Invitation to the postdoc-nominated “Distinguished Lecturer Series (DLS)”.

Dear xxxx

On behalf of the Society to Fellows (SoF) at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) it is with great pleasure that I send you this invitation to present a lecture at the institute. We would be truly honored to feature you as a lecturer in our postdoc-nominated Distinguished Lecturer Series (DLS).

The SoF ( is a society comprised primarily of postdoctoral scholars at TSRI ( whose aims are to enhance the scientific and social lives of postdoctoral scholars (of which there are over 800 at TSRI from ~50 countries). Towards this aim we invite distinguished scientists from around the world who epitomize the facets of science that we cherish, namely the unbridled quest for knowledge and truth.

Since we are a society of junior scientists, we seek individuals who enjoy interacting with students and postdoctoral scholars. Additionally, we choose speakers, such as you, who would appeal to the broad scientific community at TSRI. Speakers that we have featured previously include Tom Cech, David Baltimore, Leroy Hood, Paul Greengard, J. Craig Venter, Aaron Klug, James Watson, Kary Mullis, Paul Nurse, Roger Tsien, Andrew Fire and Sydney Brenner. Our budget allows for a modest honorarium and we would be happy to cover any of your expenses to come here.

We are aware that you are likely swamped with requests for speaking engagements. Nevertheless, we hope that you will consider this invitation. I would be very happy to answer any questions and provide more information about the DLS or SoF in general. I look forward to our next communication and thank you once again for your consideration.

Kind Regards,

Society of Fellows