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  • Preferences?
  • For the California Academy of Sciences I recommend an upcoming Thursday evening, because they have a Nightlife from 6 to 10PM. The event is 18+ and only $10 for the entire museum vs. $25 for any other day/time CAS Nightlife
    • This sounds like a good time. I can transport up to 5 other folk. - Cesar
  • I'd be very interested in going to the California Academy of Sciences. Bowling is always good. -Yvonne
  • I vote for the Academy of Sciences too! - Carolina
  • Whatever date for CAS, I recommend buying tickets online in advance; guaranteed admittance and slightly shorter line. - Midori
  • If we have to push CAS to April or later, fine, but let's also get in some bowling before then. - Jay


  • Who can make it to a Thursday evening outing to the California Academy of the Sciences (joint between the Endy and Smolke labs):
  • 3/5
    • Christina (I can drive myself and 3 others)
    • DK (Can drive myself + 4)
    • MS (I can drive myself + up to 4 others)
    • Cesar (I can drive up to 5 people)
    • Josh - I can drive myself and 4 others, but I'd have to go back to my apartment and pick up my car.
    • Win
    • Yvonne
    • Carolina (maybe)
    • Jay - actually I won't be able to drive
    • Isis
    • Lance
    • Drew
    • can't do (Joe)
    • Jerome
    • can't do (Midori)
    • Leo - I'll have a car that can comfortably fit an additional person and uncomfortably fit two more on top of that
    • can't do (Andrew)
    • can't do (Arwen)
  • 3/26
    • can't do (Win)
    • DK
    • Yvonne
    • Cesar
    • Carolina
    • can't do (Isis)
    • Joe
    • Jerome
    • Jay
    • Arwen
    • Leo
  • 5/7
    • DK
    • can't do (Yvonne)
    • Cesar
    • can't do (Carolina)
    • Isis
    • Joe
    • Jay
    • Arwen
    • Leo (maybe)