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The Graceful Exit

Here is the check list for winding up work in the lab

Experimental Work

  • Notebooks shall be archived in the lab. Your notebooks should be clearly labeled and organized.
  • All your experimental data should be moved and backed up on the lab server (in your own folder, labeled and organized with sub-folders according to topic or date). Do not leave things on computers in the lab. Remove your files from the hard drive of lab computers, including any lab computer used at your desk.
  • Back up all of your data to DVDs and provide Christina with labeled DVDs.
  • Make sure to document all strains, plasmids, and other significant experimental items that are remaining in the lab. These items should be entered into the lab databases (e. coli, yeast, mammalian) and then the physical samples put into the proper places in the freezers and cryogenic holders. You should also make up a spreadsheet with all of your strains (particularly those published) and locations and tape a hard copy on the inside cover of your first notebook. A electronic version of this spreadsheet should be emailed to Christina.
  • Meet with Christina about experimental work to remain in the lab and what will move with you.
  • Prepare and pack items that are moving with you and arrange shipping of temperature sensitive items.

Computer files

  • Make sure you transfer all of your data files to your folder on the server.
  • In particular, be sure to transfer both the listmode and analysis files from the Quanta database to the server.
  • Make a DVD back ups of all of your data files and provide a copy to Christina.
  • Delete all of your data files from the hard drives on lab computers.
  • Check out with the lab computer administrator in terms of having them sign off that you have moved your files to the server and deleted them from all lab computers.


  • Make sure to donate or dispose of all buffers and reagents.
  • Appropriately dispose of plates and cultures that are not remaining or moving with you.
  • Clean out your refrigerator area and cold room of extraneous personal items.
  • Clean out your freezer area (large freezer and freezers in your bay) of extraneous items.
  • Check all drawers in your bench for items to dispose of.
  • Check all drawers and files at your desk and clean up appropriately.
  • Wipe down your desk, bench, and drawers. You should not leave things dirty or leave things for others to throw away.
  • Touch base with Julie when you have completed everything.


  • Check with Jean for Stanford documentation that you need to follow up with.
  • Check with Julie on your final day, so she may have your building access updated.
  • Confirm with Christina that both Jean and Julie have signed off on your exit.
  • Make sure you return the keys to your file drawer to the top drawer of the file cabinet (there should be two).