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Task Queue

These are the current tasks that are on the horizon. I'll work on the first task, and then move on to others. New tasks can be added, and the order can be changed depending upon priorities.

  1. lab inventory and online OWW index
    • put all inventory information online. thus keep track of inventory as supplies run low, and also inform new lab members of where everything is.
  2. outline protocol for lab receiving and tracking
    • a general procedure for what to do when a package comes into the lab. track where items go after they are received.
  3. financial spreadsheet summarization
    • sort and summarize lab expenditures according to type: (sequencing, enzymes, equipment, etc.)
  4. tune up the water purification system
  5. Determine the best solutions for various protocols:
    • Gel Extraction - how can we get a better yield?
  6. re-organize (fridge, freezer, cold room)
    • suggestions welcome on how best to do this.

and in general, add more functionality to the lab wiki.

Regular Tasks

I'll be taking care of these tasks as the need arises.

  • glass beads
  • toothpicks
  • used supplies sterilization
  • general autoclave and dishes overflow


Add ideas for new jobs to add to the queue here.


my contact information is on my user page here