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  • Suggested start time:
    • 5 pm
  • Dates:
    • September 26
      • see RSVP below


  • Christina and Drew's House


SOs are welcome, so please indicate any +1s

    • September 26
      • Can make it: Maureen, YH, MM, Ton, Brent, SG+1, Jerome, Kate+1, Julie, Drew Endy (4th wedding anniversary!), Andy, Jay, Sally, Kathy(potential+1), Charlotte, Maria, Joy+1, Atri, Mike, Isis
      • Can't make it: Paul, Yanran (will be able to make if can move freely then), DK


We will plan on grilling outdoors, here is the food we will have available:

  • Food:
    • hamburgers / cheeseburgers (GF)
    • pork tenderloin (GF)
  • Vegetables:
    • spicy corn (GF)
    • salad (GF)
  • Extra:
    • chips & salsa
  • Dessert:
    • pie
    • vanilla ice cream (GF)
    • fruit: banana, blueberries, strawberries (GF)
  • Drinks
    • water
    • juice (assortment)
    • beer
    • sparkling water
  • Feel free to bring other beverages you might like (wine, GB, etc)


  • Games
    • Taboo - Steph G
  • Other
    • Kitten Wrasslin' (you will lose)
  • Max
    • Diaper changing contest (beware code 99)
    • Raspberry blowing contest (you will lose)