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  • This page is intended to be a history of all materials and packages that come into the lab. If you open a package, just make a note of it on this Receiving Form. When the form is full, hand it to me to enter in here and start a new one. If you're looking for an item, check either the current Receiving Form, or this page. I'll keep this record relatively up to date. -Kelsic
  • Locations should follow the same Notation as the Inventory page.

Recent Receiving

Item Location Supplier Signature / Date
Oligos 30415306, 30413794 Oligo Box IDT EDK 11/13
Test Tube Rack Back room ice machine labconco EDK 11/13
Centrifuge filters kevin's desk millipore EDK 11/13
razor blades B9D2 VWR EDK 11/20
Difco LB Agar, Miller x2 Chemical Shelf VWR EDK 11/22
Ethylemethanesulfate, canavanine Travis bench Sigma TSB 11/27
Promega miniprep kit promega TSB 12/12
Nalgene Filters x4 B19 underneath VWR EDK 12/12
15well GT minicomb x4 gel station B7 BioRad EDK 12/12
25uL pipettes B21C GBO YC 12/12
Agarose (100g) Chemical shelf EMD YC12/12
Superscript III RT Big -20C freezer door invitrogen YC 12/13
96well micro plates (GB0) B4C VWR 316134968740 EDK 12/20
Test tube racks B23D5 VWR EK 12/20
RPM1 medium 1640 x2 cold room invitrogen EK 12/20
225cm Tissue culture flasks, vented caps B19 VWR EK 12/20
Hypoxanthine chemical shelf EMD biosciences (VWR) EK 12/20
RNase free tips B23 Sh2,3 Ronain YC 1/2/07
1.5mL microfuge tubes B28 USA scientific YC 1/2
IsoDiluent x7 B30C Beckman Coulter EK 1/4
Test tube racks (no wire) x8 B23D5 VWR EK 1/4