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Procedure for recycling used glass beads.


  • Lab dispenser soap
  • 95% Ethanol


  1. Collect beads from plastic containers around the benches.
  2. Soak the beads in a larger container with water.
  3. Add soap and mix well.
    • This step is to remove the excess material stuck to the beads.
  4. Rinse the beads with water to remove all trace of soap.
    • It helps to use a strainer.
  5. Rinse the beads with the Ethanol.
    • This step removes residual water.
  6. Transfer beads to glass bead jars.
    • Cover loosely with lids and allow the beads to dry (overnight). autoclaving while still wet may cause the beads to develop a filmy coating.
  7. Autoclave on gravity cyle, tighten lids on after cooling and store.