Smolke:Protocols/General Sterility

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  • You must clean the pipettes, pipette aids, markers, tube racks, and the work surface immediately before and after use.
  • Any spillage inside and outside of the hood should be immediately wiped up and cleaned.
  • Remember that the water bath is not sterile. Wipe the water from containers first and then wipe the containers down with ethanol. Make sure to avoid dripping water all over bench.
  • Keep all containers (such as tip boxes, media, cell culture flasks/dishes, etc.) closed when not actively in use.
  • Do not put dirty pipette tips (or other dirty items) on the work surface or in the tip box.
  • The aspirator flask must be emptied promptly when the liquid level becomes too high. Refill by adding solution of fresh iodine enough to cover the bottom of the aspirator flask.
  • In order to minimize contamination and cross contamination, ethanol should be run through the aspirator tip when going between samples.
  • In addition, it is best to change glass Pasteur pipette when changing between cell lines and before use.
  • Do not abandon your cultures in the incubator. They should be removed and disposed of once they are no longer needed or of use.