Smolke:Protocols/General Maintenance

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Cryo container

  • Fill the container after every opening. LN2 should be above the platform but below the lowest box (i.e., samples should be in the vapor phase, not submerged in liquid).

CO2 tanks

  • When a tank is empty:
    • order a new tank from Christina
    • switch which tank is connected using the big knob in the center
    • close the cylinder inlet valve
    • close the tank
    • disconnect the tank (wrench required)
    • screw on valve cover
  • When a new tank arrives:
    • connect tank (wrench required)
    • open the vent valve
    • open the tank and wait for the line to fill with CO2 (condensation will form on the vent line)
    • close the vent valve
    • open the cylinder inlet valve
    • bring the empty tank to the cage if the new tank arrived at the cage
  • New cylinders are sometimes left in the building's cylinder cage, but usually delivered to lab. The empty cylinder must be disconnected before the new cylinder is delivered.

Biohazard waste

  • Waste is picked up every other Thursday. The receipt should be placed in the invoice drawer.
  • Replacement bags for biohazard waste are in the cabinet under the radioactivity bench.


  • Regular trash should be taken out of the TC room each night for pickup from the janitorial service.

Water bath

  • Leo will empty and refill every month.
  • Make sure that media and other reagents are not left in the water bath.


  • The water jackets on the incubators must be filled with DI water. Jay will purchase DI water for the incubators. The funnel for filling the jackets are in the cabinet below the TC bench. To reach the opening the incubator must be rolled away from the wall. This task is much easier (and safer) with two people.
  • The water pans in the incubator must be routinely cleaned. To do so water should be changed and fresh fungicide should be added.


  • All TC room equipment (e.g., tube racks, timers, EtOH bottles, gloves) should stay in the TC room. Also, outside equipment should not be brought in to the TC room.
  • The tabletop centrifuge (on the radioactive station) should remain closed when not in use.
  • The tacky mat should be changed as necessary. Spare mats are on the shelf above the radioactive station and must be trimmed to the right size.

General safety

  • Remember to turn off the gas and vacuum valves inside the hoods when finished with work.
  • Biohazard waste should be as dry as possible before putting in the container (i.e. aspirate out the media before disposing of culture dishes).
  • Waste container lid should be closed immediately after use.