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Laboratory Jobs and Administrative Assignments


-T plates (II), -U plates (II)
4 refrigerator/cold room organization


10x sugar stocks (20% dextrose), 60% glycerol


general lab ordering


glass beads, toothpicks, used plate sterilization, glass/plastic washing sterilization, disposable sterilization
safety officer, general lab organization/maintenance, sharps, cleaning general areas, order inventory, inventory MSDS sheets, organize library


LB+amp plates (III)
journal club, secondary lab safety officer


LB+amp plates (II)
computer administrator and databases, including Lab/SoE server (back up)


-U plates, -UT plates (I)
schedule II officer, general enzyme ordering and information (back up)


competent cells (II), general cleaning of high speed centrifuge
Quanta, MACSQuant, Filemaker database


sodium acetate, TAE stocks, 10x drop out stocks for plates (II), -UT plates (II)
radioactivity safety officer, Biacore


Gibson master mix, antibiotics
lab website, TC Room (CO2 cylinders)

Mike S

-T plates (I), YPD plates, YPD [[1]]

Michael R

LB+amp plates (I)
cryogenic storage LN2 refill (I)


LB, pH meters, aliquot dNTPs, water baths (shared with Endy lab)
TC Room (internal); cryogenic storage LN2 refill (II)


sterile water, EDTA stocks, TC room water bath
general enzyme ordering


competent cells (I)
freezers (-80/-20)


amino acid stocks, 10x drop out stocks for plates (I)
LC-QQQ, inventory chemical waste bottles/containers (fume hood)



Yen-Hsiang (returns 9/15)

plasmid prep buffers (P1, P2, N3, PE, EB, stocks - confirm with testing)
computer administrator and databases; lab/SoE server


  • Please make sure BEFORE you leave for a vacation that you check on stocks (or whatever is appropriate) for your lab job. Make sure you anticipate usage over the time you will be out of the lab and that there will be enough stocks, etc to last the lab before you return. If you are concerned about lab usage while you are gone, it is your responsibility to ask someone in the lab to monitor it for you and cover while you are away.
  • General lab courtesy - if you use a whole sleeve of plates, make another. If you use a lot of a stock or finish it, make some more.
  • Everyone should help aliquot electrocomp cells.
  • Solution I and Solution II are now the responsibility of those who use them regularly. TBE is also the responsibility of those who are using it regularly.

How It Works

Each person is assigned a laboratory job (or set of jobs based on intensity of the assigned job) and an administrative role (indicated in italics). Please keep up with your assigned jobs. Note, that it is everyone's responsibility to load tips, load the dishwasher, and rinse out your glassware. Also, while general DO plates are made (-U, -T, and -UT) as common stocks, all other DO plates are made by the individual using them.