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Current as of August 2006

Tell the appropriate person if you use the penultimate of something, or order more yourself.

  • PCR machine / centrifuge / water baths maintenance
    • Ian, Pablo
  • General plasticware and equipment ordering (gloves, tips, pipettes, Qiagen kits, Falcon tubes, weighboats, parafilm, X-ray film, kimwipes, et c.)
    • Chris
  • Computers, printers, fax machine maintenance and supplies
    • Bruno, Jake
  • Microscope maintenance
    • David
  • Office supplies and organization
    • Joe, Mike M
  • Enzyme stocks, aliquots and secondary antibodies
    • Caroline
  • Chemical room - Balance & pH meter area (including weigh boats/papers)
    • Jess, Adrienne
  • PCR Machine general upkeep and supplies (tubes, et c.)
    • Suzanne
  • Website maintenance
    • Mike Yu, Bruno
  • Beer Manager & journal organization in lunch room
    • Caleb
  • TC – media ordering (serum, pen-strep, FBS, DMEM/RPMI, L-gln, PBS)
    • Guillaume
  • TC – plastics ordering (pipettes, dishes, flasks, scrapers, et c.)
    • Natalie
  • BioDoc-IT Maintenance and printer paper
    • Oona
  • 1x TAE carboys
    • Dirk
  • Paper towel holders
    • Seth