Silver: Chemical compound screens

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  • Almost 24 hours prior to the screen, plate HeLa cells (or cells of choice)
    • in 96- or 384-well Corning flat bottom plates (Corning 3614 or 3962, respectively)
    • at a density of ~4000 cells/well in 50 µl of DMEM/10%FBS.
  • If you have to infect cells to express your protein of interest, let infection proceed for ~24 hours prior to screen.

Compound Treatment

  • On the day of the screen, add 100 nl of library compounds to a final concentration of 10-40 µM.
  • Allow cells to incubate with compound for 1 hour at room temperature.
  • For visual-based immunostaining screens, wash cells with PBS and proceed through immunostaining procedure as described here.