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iGEM Meeting Notes 9/15

Major Lab Goals for Jamboree:

  • Random library creation (realistically, given the time constraint this probably won't happen)
    • Everyone should attempt, perhaps, as a side project
    • Mainly George at the moment, possibly w/ Kevin in near future
  • Fec (Shaunak, Ellenor)
    • Test controls (strep, his)
    • Dual vector system didn't work (errors in seq?), use high-fidelityu polymerase
  • Biobricking
    • Fec (Alex)
    • AIDA (Perry)
  • Test OmpA-C-term insertions (Sammy, Mike)
  • Target-quorum control system (Stephanie)

Logistical iGEM things

  • Wiki: the one on MIT wiki counts, look at least year's
    • Make one webpage that is pretty detailed
  • Consider 2 posters
  • Stand-in presentation/poster
    • Little to no mention of random library, since this was not achieved
      • Random library can be discussed as the "moving forward" (process-of-creating) portion
    • Focus on results we have now
    • Bring out which parts we've made (this needs to happen in any case)
      • Slide to show parts available vs new assemblies
    • Make this presentation now so we have a fall-back/de-stress element in the days before the Jamboree, when

we'll also have more schoolwork


  • 9/22: lunch meeting, polish powerpoint (consolidate, make more clear, add new results, fix graphs)

Team Members' Plans

  • George: possibly MCB 91r
  • Sammy: not 91r, possibly 5 hrs/week
  • Ellenor and Shaunak: about 4 hrs/week each, probably no 91r
  • Alex: no iGEM-related 91r; will potentially stop after Biobricking Fec
  • Perry: Job at med school, will have less (no?) time to devote
  • Kevin: still figuring out extracurricular commitments
  • Stephanie: possibly (??) MCB 91r