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10:13 am

Intro: 1.5min

10:15am Mike mentions FecA - need more background?
Labels on Mike's Direct Selection slide: clean
Also: quantify enrichment (eg, X-fold, not necessary just straight colony counts)
Also: do background cells have Amp-Kan resistance? - J04500, so yes. Worth mentioning?

Mike's part: 10:23am end (before Debra's question): 7.5 minutes

Restart: 10:25am
Sammy's Fusion slides: first slide seems very confusing to me

  • Maybe a few words outlining protocol/main goal of assay
  • (is there a way to quantify this enrichment?)

Sammy's part: 8.5 minutes

George's part: 10:34am

  • Use "reporter" - emphasize how to detect whether quorum occurs
  • Two minutes

My part : ...?

Alex's part: start 10:42am
Why is this part here? Omp-library seems misplaced
< 1 min

Shaunak's part: start 10:43am

  • too many words on this one slide? motivation and methods
  • 3 minutes

Alex's part: 10:46am

  • FecA role is unclear: motivation of this part also seems unclear
  • 2 minutes

27.5 minutes presentation, without questions and without conclusion


Pam: How does this fit into the rubric of iGEM and standard parts? What are your parts? Modularity

Get rid of some of the cloning slides, plasmids

No need to show PCR gel, etc.

Is there a slide with work in progress? OmpC terminus library? Why is this necessary?

  • This was misplaced

Some slides have too much words

  • eg Fec
  • also Mike's data

Feels that there's too much data: "all we've done"

Feels that first slide with overall goals needs to be crisper

  • too many words
  • bullet should have no more than ...

Third animation: combine intracellular and extracellular parts (Harris' suggestion)

"Applications" category

  • Emphasize target and response on first slide

(two bullets)

  • Good visual
  • Emphasize something broader / more applicable: why are we doing this?
  • List potential targets
  • Emphasize system is concentration-dependent; nonspecific binding will not reach quorum concentrations (Debra)
  • Convert tables to graphs, not as much raw data; synthesized
  • PCR - loop stuff is too much standard mol bio; take all this out
  • Clarify Sharp increase in fluorescence
    • Make line graph, not bar graph
  • Self-induction
    • Get graphing software from Debra
    • Kaleido-graph program
    • Show targeting results with JT
    • Turn into line graph
  • Emphasize successful use of Biobricks
  • Fec: single-line bullets
    • Redraw Fec diagram; take out text
    • Make into animation; parts appear as we talk about them / put into paint and modify
    • Structure slide not explained; too many words
    • Glossed over collaboration ... take out
    • Results
  • Biobricking Fec system conceptually good; needs fewer words and simplified
    • Also the only time we talk about Biobricks - emphasize more in QS group
  • Add to conclusion: Biobricks addition
  • Conclusion: 2 slides
    • Results / successes
    • Addition to Registry, contributions, etc

  • Slide on concept of random library
  • Throw in conclusion as part of our successes
  • If no results by Jamboree, stick in intro as goals
  • Debra: MIT team distinct because they have direct motivation
  • Emphasize versatility of system
  • Make template for Harvard iGEM

  • email adwong ||| fas for graphing software
  • add acknowledgements slide