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A special thanks to George Xu for helping to format this beautifully.

7/17: Troubleshooting

TO BE UPDATED ... with more images and analysis.

0717shlofmnr1.jpg 0717shlofmnr2.jpg 500px


From Original Overnight Culture

Sample 1

0718shlofmnr1.jpg 0718shlofmnr2.jpg

Sample 2

0718shlofmnr3.jpg 0718shlofmnr4.jpg

Sample 3

0718shlofmnr5.jpg 0718shlofmnr6.jpg 0718shlosuperimposeorig3.jpg

1:10 dilutions

Sample 1

Shlo07181in10phase1.jpg Shlo07181in10flur1.jpg

Sample 2

Shlo07181in10phase2.jpg Shlo07181in10flur2.jpg

1:100 dilutions

Sample 1

Shlo07181in100phase1.jpg Shlo07181in100flur1.jpg

Sample 2

Shlo07181in100phase2.jpg Shlo07181in100flur2.jpg Shlo07181in100superimpose2.jpg

Sample 3

Shlo07181in100phase3.jpg Shlo07181in100flur3.jpg Shlo07181in100superimpose.jpg


I have a lot of images I need to upload from the past month ...