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Please add/revise/rearrange the chair topics as you deem fit. Add 1-2 sentence job descriptions too.

1. Studio!Sus (a member-written guide to sustainability in Cambridge) chair

- Organizes the printing and distribution of Studio!Sus.

- If interested, coordinates version 2.

2. Earth Day chair

- Represents SfGS and works with other groups on campus to organize Earth Day celebrations at MIT during the Spring semester.

3. Lecture/Movie chair

- Organizes 1-2 large attendance lectures with well known speakers on the MIT campus highlighting sustainability issues of choice.

- Organizes monthly lecture series which bring in professionals who are doing sustainability-related work.

-Organize screening of sustainability-themed movies, or movie outings to catch shows like Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

4. WSC liaison

- Serves as a link between SfGS (and MIT at large) and the World Student Community of Sustainable Development (WSC-SD).

- Attends WSC-SD annual meeting.

5. Sustainability benchmarks for MIT or buildings at MIT

- Works with MIT community groups and Amanda Graham and Beth Conlin at LFEE to develop the first sustainability benchmark for MIT.

6. Social/networking chair

- Plans events to improve SfGS member cohesion.

- Plans events to improve network between SfGS and other MIT sustainability groups.

- Reaches out to Boston-area sustainability groups.

7. Mentor/mentee program

- Matches interested MIT students with professional mentors.

- Organizes a kick-off event.

8. Wiki/web chair

- Maintains SfGS wiki space.

9. Practical sustainability book/journal/discussion club/series

- Organize informal bi-weekly discussion sessions on predetermined sustainability-related topics. The Chair will help schedule student volunteers to lead each discussion, which could be based on a book or journal article, or focus on any topic of interest.

10. Curriculum chair

-Works towards instituting a mandatory Sustainability class for all incoming undergrads and graduate students.