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Zero-Waste Party Event Certification

Are you interested in trying to throw your own Zero-Waste party? Do you want to show others at MIT that it's not that hard and that it can be a lot of fun? Consider getting your next party Zero-Waste Party Certified!

Certification Program

What does a ZeroWaste Party Certificate get you?

Recognition and Support.

•Every Zero-Waste Party that is certified will receive an official certificate explaining what you did to receive it. This should be displayed at your party to get others thinking about it.

•Use our Zero-Waste Planning Guide for MIT Events, (and contribute new ideas that you come up with). See SfGS: Zero-Waste-Event-Planning-Guide

•The Zero-Waste team is a source of information and support if you have questions, and while we may not always know the answers, we're ready to help.

•We have Reusable cloth napkins to lend out to party-throwers . As we grow, we will bring more reusable utensils to offer to others.

What is required to get a ZeroWaste Certificate and the energy credits for your party? •Party/Event must be a registered MIT party, or be thrown by an MIT student/affiliate.

•Party must display certification in a prominent place during the party and not be thrown out afterward

The Party must follow as many of the following guidelines as possible, and will be certified according to the Zero-Waste Team's discretion. See the Guide for ideas: SfGS: Zero-Waste-Event-Planning-Guide.

The following are some examples:

•Waste will be minimized - Party must will not throw away anything as a result of the party (within reason). See guide for ways to do this.

•Party planners must consider the source of the foods and drinks being served, and consider using local and/or organic where possible. They must try to keep food Packaging to a minimum

•All food and drink containers must be recycled, or reusable.

•Instead of disposable cups and plates, party throwers provide (or request guests to bring) non-disposable ones. The idea is to reuse these cups for each party. In the future, cups can be borrowed from ZeroWaste with a deposit which will be returned when the cups are verified cleaned (dishwashing machines are more energy and water efficient than hand washing)

•Party is thrown during daylight hours to use less electricity.

•Other ideas will be heard - we want to inspire you all to think about how to throw a better party!

Zero-Waste Party