SfGS: Minutes 112805

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  • Zero waste party with TPP Society
  1. We applied for a Student Life Grant with TPP to host a Zero Waste Party next semester.
  2. We will meet with them sometime over the next few weeks to discuss party details.
  3. Brainstormed ideas for the party:
    1. Showcase cool biodegradable containers.
      1. This is better than sustainable containers, because there is nothing novel about Tupperware.
      2. We can also publicize that fact that food trucks take plastic containers.
    2. Compost food waste from party
  • Studio!Sus
  1. Elke talked to Sally Susnowitz at the Public Service Center
    1. They will be able to give us $500
    2. They recommended that we get a couple of addition grants for 1k. From the Deans?
  2. We missed the Oct. 31 deadline for a GSO or GSC permanent investments grant.
  • WSC-SD
  1. Elke is the new president. Hurrah!
  • White Paper
  1. We are going to add 1 page onto the white paper on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Plan being written by Steve Lanou.
  2. It's due Dec. 1
  3. We will focus on what we have already done in this area, and emphasize the need for student participation in any plan
  4. Current draft of the page can be found at SfGS ERC White Paper