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If DNA sequencing is not done in house in your institution, several convenient Sanger and increasingly deep sequencing commercial services exist. Typically, samples are picked up at regular times in your institute or nearby, sequenced, and results posted online. Many companies use prepaid labels to both identify and pay for the sequencing.

Prices are estimates and vary with negotiated discounts. They also don't include taxes as customary on the company websites. Net prices will be about 20% higher due to VAT. Please add you favorite company or comment on the existing.

Price comparison

€/seq product company comment
€3.5 Light Run GATC w/ university discount; excl. tax
€4.5 Supreme GATC w/ uni discount; incl. trouble shooting services
€3.1 SmartSeq eurofins w/ university discount
€4.5 ValueRead eurofins w/ uni discount; seq. primer optional
€4 Economy SeqLab w/ university discount

All prices exclude tax, typically an additional 20% in Europe. Discounts are for a small academic institute and from 2014.



  • €3.5-4 own primers "light run", welcome offer €3.5; €5 "supreme"
  • based in Konstanz, Germany [1]
  • pickup e.g. Tübingen, HNO (list of collection points after login)

sample preparation: 20µl DNA 30-100 ng/µl, 20µl primer 10µM = 10pmol/µl


  • €3.1 "SmartSeq" (minitubes; 96 tubes minimum purchase; primer needs to be added) - you only have to send in the tubes and receive the sequence online
  • €4.5 "Value Read" (tube format; 90 available standard primers or own); list price €9.9 - in addition to sending the tubes, you have to place an order
  • based in Ebersberg, near Munich [2]; sequencing facility in Spain
  • pickup e.g. Tübingen, IFIB


  • €4 per barcode "Economy Run"; €3.90 500 barcodes; €5 list price
  • based in Göttingen

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