Sean Lauber:Peritoneal Lavage

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If you're doing this to culture the cells then you want to use sterile practices! Otherwise, simply perform it outside of the TC hood. You can get about 4 million cells (macrophages) per mouse if you're good.

1. Anesthetize a mouse and squirt 70% EtOH on its abdomen

2. Cut the skin and pull apart to expose the peritoneum.

3. Insert a 10 ml syringe (fitted with a 23 gauge needle containing 10 ml of PBS) into the peritoneum being careful not to puncture any organs (especially the intestines). Make sure the flat side it facing down when the needle is insert to avoid puncturing organs.

4. Slowly inject about 10 ml of PBS (or until you can't anymore).

5. Bounce the body around to loosen cells.

6. Insert the same syringe and remove the lavage. Cut back the peritoneum to pool and collect any left over liquid.

7. Store on ice.