Sean Lauber:Bradford Assay

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1) Thaw your samples and the BSA standard (-20*C) on ice

2) Prepare serial dilutions of the standard (high standard = 0.1 ug/ul, make a 7-point standard curve with 2-fold dilutions)

3) Prepare appropriate dilutions of sample (usually 1/32 - 5 ul sample + 155 ul water). For lung homogenates, consider using less (1 in 100). In vitro work tends to give about 2 ug/ul when diluted 1:32, in vivo about 6-12.

4) Add 40 ul of Bradford Assay dye (mix well by pipetting)

5) Ensure there are no bubbles (use a needle to pop them) and then read at 595 nm (upstairs spec). Do this within 30 min