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<calendar> name=Sean_Clarke/Notebook date=2006/08/11 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=1 </calendar>


<calendar> name=Calendar:Sean_Clarke/Notebook view=days days=1 date=today format=%name/%year-%month-%day formattitle="%M %day, %year (%l) (Today)" weekformat=list </calendar>


<calendar> name=Calendar:Sean_Clarke/Notebook view=days days=12 date=tomorrow format=%name/%year-%month-%day formattitle="%M %day, %year (%l)" skipempty=0 weekformat=list </calendar>

name = Calendar:<Name>

view = year, threemonths, days (days = howmany to show)

format = use %name = calendar name, (%day, %year, %month are all numerical), %M (for 3-letter month name)


skipempty = 1 (yes) 0 (no)

weekformat=list (lists days downward), other options?

formattitle="%M %day, %year (%l)"

%l gives the name of the day of the week

date = specify today, yesterday, tomorrow

days = specify number of days

calendar parameters readme