Schumer lab: Useful Unix/perl/awk commands

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Very useful resources

Here are links to some very useful resources for quick file manipulation or bioinformatic functions:

1) The FAS scriptome is an invaluable resource for all sorts of file manipulation [[1]]

2) Stephen Turner's collection of one-liners [[2]]

3) Heng Li's collection of one-liners [[3]]

Useful general one-liners

Trim the header off of a file

tail -n +2 filename > newfile

Remove a particular column from your file

In this example, column 10:

cut -f 10 --complement filename > newfile

Use awk to duplicate or modify a column

Duplicate the second column of a file:

awk -v OFS='\t' '$2=$2"\t"$2' myfile > mynewfile

Rewrite the first column of a file as first column _ second column:

awk -v OFS='\t' '$1=$1"_"$2' myfile > mynewfile

Use awk to select rows

Select all rows where a particular column contains a certain word:

awk -F"\t" '$3 == "transcript" { print}' myfile > mynewfile

Select all rows where a particular column does not contain a certain word:

awk -F"\t" '$2 !== "N" { print}' myfile > mynewfile

Use perl to find and replace

Find and replace an exact string match:

perl -pi -e 's/find/replace/g' filename

You can also find and replace with wild cards, etc:

perl -pi -e 's/^[^_]*find/find/g' filename

Split or shuffle your file

Split your file into a set of files containing n lines (in this case 20):

split -d -e -l 20 myfile_name myfile_name_split

Randomly sample n lines from your file:

shuf -n 10000 myfile_name > my_sampled_file

Count unique lines in a file

cat myfile.txt | uniq | wc -l

Sort a file numerically

In this example, sort using the value in the second column:

sort -nk 2 my_file.bed > my_sorted_file.bed

Manipulating bam files

Calculate the average coverage of a bam file

module load biology

module load samtools

samtools depth my_bam_file | awk '{sum+=$3} END { print sum/NR}'

Calculate the number of mapped reads in a bam file

samtools view -c -F 260 my_bam_file