Schumer lab: RNA extraction

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  • tissue needs to be collected on dry ice or in RNA later for RNA extraction.
  • See RNeasy Mini Kit RNA Extraction Protocol.docx in the Protocols folder in Box or email for the protocol and all necessary reagents and consumables.
  • If you are going to synthesize cDNA for amplification with primers you should complete the DNAse step in the protocol above. If you are going to do an RNAseq library with a polyA tail capture you should skip the DNAse step (although you can keep it if you prefer).
  • Quantify the RNA with the Qubit RNA kit. small amounts are fine for qPCR or PCR applications. 50ng is ideal for RNA seq.
  • To assess quality you can use the nanodrop in the Fraser lab but please check with them before using.
  • Store RNA for about a week at -20C and at -80C long term.