Schumer lab: Processed files available on Oak

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Previously generated tsv files

Previously generated ancestry tsv files can be found here:


Remember to put your cfg files in as well with matched names so future lab members can know what parameters were used

Previously generated bam and vcf files

Certain files take a long time to produce and are frequently used by many people in the lab. For this reason we save some processed files on OAK. If you are depositing a file there please make sure it has an informative name. Currently folders containing these types of files included in Processed_files are:








For more information on the different reference genomes used here please see:

Cactus alignments

Backups of cactus alignments are available here:


ABC demographic inference simulated tree files

1 million simulated *.tree files.


1,000 sequential trees are compressed and gzipped in finalZippedDirs