Schumer lab: Download data to Sherlock from box, dropbox or googledocs

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rclone can download data to Sherlock

rclone is super useful and convenient and especially for large files, but is a little annoying for first time use.

configure download from dropbox using rclone

1) Make sure you are logged into dropbox in your browser

2) Follow this link to download the appropriate desktop version of rclone(usually 32 bit macOS or 32 bit Windows):

  • unzip the archive
  • open a terminal window on your computer
  • navigate to this folder in your Downloads. For example, on a macOS:

cd Downloads/rclone-v1.46-osx-386

3) Now, open another terminal window, leaving this one open, and login to sherlock and type:

ml load system rclone

4) Configure rclone:

rclone config

You will be prompted:

No remotes found - make a new one

n) New remote

s) Set configuration password

q) Quit config


Respond with: n

You will be prompted to provide a name, you can provide any name - e.g.:

name> remote_dropbox

You will be prompted to select what kind of storage you are configuring to, enter 7 (with rclone v1.62.2 64bit macOS, enter 13):


You will be prompted to select a client_id, leave this blank:


You will be prompted to select a client_secret, leave this blank:


You will be asked if you want to edit the advanced config, enter n:

Edit advanced config? (y/n)>n

You will be asked if you want to auto config, say no!:

Use auto config?

* Say Y if not sure

* Say N if you are working on a remote or headless machine

5) Now, switch to your desktop terminal in the rclone directory. Past the following there:

./rclone authorize "dropbox"

This will open a browser window and ask you to authorize, after you do so, a code will appear in your desktop terminal. Copy between:

Paste the following into your remote machine ---> code will be here <---End paste

6) Enter the copied text into the Sherlock terminal. Then respond the following prompt with y:

y) Yes this is OK

e) Edit this remote

d) Delete this remote

y/e/d> y

7) This will complete the configuration but it's recommended that you add a password:

remote_dropbox dropbox

e) Edit existing remote

n) New remote

d) Delete remote

r) Rename remote

c) Copy remote

s) Set configuration password

q) Quit config

e/n/d/r/c/s/q> s

When prompted respond with a to add a password:

a) Add Password

q) Quit to main menu

a/q> a

follow the prompts to add your password

8) You can then view your available files and folders in dropbox:

rclone lsd remote_dropbox:

or copy or sync them:

rclone copy remote_dropbox:Schumer_lab_resources/README_depositing_data.txt ./

for full list of options, try:

rclone --help

configure download from Box using rclone

repeat these steps for Box, except give it a different name (e.g. remote_box), and select 5 instead of 7 (with rclone v1.62.2 64bit macOS, enter 8)

access with:

rclone lsd remote_box:

Other access options with rclone

See here for options of storage endpoints compatible with rclone