Schumer lab: Backing up raw data

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Back up your raw data on external hard drives or the SRA

It is very important to regularly backup your raw data!

There are two major options for backing up your raw fastq data or large processed data files:

1) External hard drives

Large hard drives for individual use can be purchased through amazon on quartzy.

One of the lab jobs (currently managed by Quinn and JJ!) is to do regular backups of OAK every 6 months. This is a big job so doesn't always happen every 6 months -- ask JJ and Quinn if you need to access something from a previous backup.

2) Back up your data on the SRA

It can be a bit of a pain to get data uploaded properly to the SRA, but after that it will be available to you forever so it is worth the trouble!

  • Note: you can set the release date on the SRA to several years in advance to protect your data until publication if it is sensitive