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  • General Facilities: Kwame Akan (650) 353-1089
  • General Facilities: Ahn Nguyen (650) 723-2930
  • Non-emergency EH&S questions: Katrina Shao (650) 725-6693
  • Package pick up: Elizabeth Zavala (650) 723-2413
  • Any problem at all: Pam Hung (650) 736-8005
  • HR or payroll issues: Molly Steele (650) 7240-7291
  • Plumbing fish room primary: John Cox (650) 444-8638
  • Plumbing fish room secondary: Mike Cavilio (650) 863-1437
  • Plumbing fish room tertiary: Dara
  • Greenhouse: Erick Bautista (650) 380-6876
  • Lab member phone numbers are in box: Lab_contact_info.xls


To create a waste tag:

1. login into with your SUnet ID

2. click new waste tag and fill out all fields

3. click save and print (this may take a few seconds)

4. print out label, put in plastic adhesive pouch (in drawer to the right of Shreya's desk), and attach to waste container

To request a waste pickup

1. login into with your SUnet ID

2. click My Waste Tags/Req Pickup

3. click on row of waste container you want picked up

4. click request pick up and fill in fields with comments about where you will leave the waste for pick up



The cheapest/best way to ship packages is through Stanford's fedex account. However, we will never know how much a shipping label costs using this method. It is very challenging to get students, techs, or post-docs access to the fedex account so the best way to ship is described below. If you are pressed for time and Pam is not available you can use the pcard at a fedex location.

1. Email Pam a request for a label that includes

  • Name of recipient
  • Address of recipient
  • Phone number of recipient
  • Timing of package (overnight vs ground etc)
  • weight of package
  • whether there is dry ice or other controlled substances
  • volume/mass of controlled substances

2. Print out the label and place in purple fedex pouch (there should be a stash in the drawer to the right of Shreya's desk but the main department stash is in the drawer of the table in the loading dock where outgoing packages are dropped off.

3. Make sure all old labels and barcodes are sharpied out on the box you are going to ship

4. If needed get dry ice from Bass Biology 313

5. If you have dry ice fill out return and send addresses and the amount of dry ice on the dry ice shipping stickers (same location as fedex purple pouches) and stick on box

6. Place sealed package with label attached on black table before 2:00pm for ground pickup or 2:30 for overnight pickup on Mondays and Wednesdays

7. Check that your package has been picked up before leaving for the day!!! fedex is not to be trusted!

8. If your package doesn't get picked up, and it has dry ice, it needs to be taken to 3750 Haven Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025. If it doesn't have dry ice you can take it to any fedex drop box or office.


  • if you want to use the qPCR machine please check in either in person, via slack, or via email with Bin ( and Shi-An (
  • It's also generally good to check in with whoever is hanging around at the time about equipment use in general


  • Units in Bass come with a PM schedule so in general we don't need to do any maintenance.
  • if the water quality is below 10 then we should call the number on the unit and give them our account number written on the unit