Sauer:Thermocyclers (PCR machines)

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Located in room 565

Who's in charge?


Others who can help you

Sean, Andreas, Chris, Eyal, Brent, Joe

Equipment details

Sign-up sheets for both machines are located nearby. Please use them, even if no one else is signed-up/using the machine. This lets people know where to put your reactions when they are finished if they need to use the machine, or who to talk to if they want to know when you're going to be finished.

  • DNA engine
    • Status quo set up has two independent blocks that can each hold up to 30 ~0.5 mL tubes
    • We also have a gradient block (located on the shelf above the machine). This block holds one microtiter plate (96 well) or up to 96 0.2 mL tubes. You can set up a temperature gradient with this block to optimize your annealing temperature. To use this block, you need to remove the block with the two independent units and replace it with this one (turn the machine off first and ask someone/RTFM). Note that this means that no one else will be able to use the machine when you are using it, so please sign-up accordingly.
    • Both blocks have a "hot top", so there is no need to use oil on top of your reaction.
  • Perkin Elmer Cetus DNA thermal cycler 480
    • affectionately referred to as "Bessie"
    • This machine is an "old school" peltier thermal cycler. It holds up to 48 ~0.5 mL tubes. No hot top on this one, so be sure to use mineral oil on top of your reaction to prevent evaporation

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