Sack: Cell Media with Selection Agents (Blasticidin, Zeocin)

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Revised by Kenneth Eum on 11-15-2011

Cell Media with Selection Agents (Zeocin and Blasticidin) for Kv2.1 TREx CHO cell line
F12 from Gibco, 10% FBS, 1% Penicillin/Streptomycin, 1/10,000 Blasticidin, 1/4,000 Zeocin

Blasticidin = 10mg/ml stock
Zeocin = 100mg/ml stock

  1. Obtain a 50mL conical tube and label as:
    • “Ham’s F-12 Media + 10% FBS + 1% Pen/Strep + 1ug/ml blast + 25ug/ml zeo”
    • Include date made and initials
  2. Add 44.5mL of Ham’s F-12 Media to the labeled 50mL conical tube
  3. Add 5mL of FBS
  4. Add 500µL of Pen Strep
  5. Add 5µl of blasticidin (Final Concentration (1 µg/ml))
  6. Add 12.5µl of zeocin (Final Concentration (25 µg/ml))
  7. Close the conical tube tightly and store in 4°C