Sack: BTAA Peptide Click HPLC

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Copper-click Alkyne / Azide Condensation Reaction with peptide alkyne, azide fluor545

conditions- use HPLC protocol that worked for last GxTX TAMRA purification
sample prep: take 80ul reaction add 20ul ACN + 0.5% TFA, spin hard inject supernatant rinse syringe with 150 ul 20% ACN

run in order:

Pra13 control
control + N3-545
stop, compare chromatograms for overlap
Pra13 + N3-545- collect fractions!
Pra17 control
Pra17 + N3-545- collect fractions!

save 1 ml 350 nm fluorescent fractions in labeled 1.5ml tubes and freeze at -80C