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Super Rich Medium (aka SR Medium). This medium is optimized for high-yield protein expression in Escherichia coli.


Solution A

  1. 20 g tryptone
  2. 20 g yeast extract
  3. 10 g beef extract
  4. 11 g glycerol
  5. 900 mL H2O

Solution B

  1. 2.32 g KH2PO4
  2. 16.4 g K2HPO4*H2O
  3. 100 mL H2O


  1. Dissolve ingredients of both solutions.
  2. Pour into flasks or bottles (Solution A in 2 L flask or greater, Solution B in 250 mL flask or greater).
  3. Autoclave (liquid cycle)


Feil, I. (1992) PH.D. Thesis, Technische Universtiaet Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany